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Objectives of Federal Way Water Damage Cleanup

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

technician using a water extraction tool SERVPRO's skilled technicians have the tools and experience to put an end to water damage in your Federal Way home.

SERVPRO Helps with Efficient Water Damage Recovery

As one of the growing communities of the Greater Seattle area, our SERVPRO of Federal Way team frequently is called to mitigate and restore water disasters in homes and businesses. Because the type of damage can vary considerably from one property to the next, our technicians must be prepared for different triggers and impacted areas of households. Some common causes include:

  • Leaks
  • Spills
  • Overflows
  • Burst pipes
  • Flooding
  • Broken fixtures

Reaching Federal Way water damage disasters quickly is the best way to ensure that we can sufficiently mitigate damages and do more to protect the structure. After 48 hours of exposure, many saturation concerns and standing water have caused irreparable damage to the residence, so we mobilize fast to have boots on the ground and get to work within the earliest hours after the first notice of loss.

The Focus of Water Damage Restoration

We have specific goals to protect your home after a disaster. With a population nearing 100,000 in Federal Way alone, we must have a fast and efficient system to manage pressing concerns and prevent more significant harm to the residence while restoration gets underway. We prioritize a few specific objectives when our WRT-Certified technicians arrive:

  • Mitigating Damage – This focus means preventing the situation from worsening and making the house safer for responding technicians to work.
  • Protecting Contents – With the impact on personal belongings, furniture, and soft materials, it is critical to have an effective and direct solution to recover these belongings when disasters occur.
  • Cleaning the Structure – we have several wet cleaning products to clear residual damage and soil deposits from surfaces and carpeting after absorption.
  • Repairing the Damage – Using our contractor license, our team can provide repairs, reconstruction, demolition, and plumbing replacement as required.

Emergency Services Mitigate Damage

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster – but what are we doing when we get there? Emergency services provide the most direct path to protecting a property and its contents. Between the contractors on our roster that can manage actions like controlled demolition to services like water removal and content management, SERVPRO professionals help in every way possible as early as we can.

Content Relocation and Cleaning

Personal belongings become a significant victim of the water damage your home can face after disasters. Because your contents exist in every living space, standing water and moisture concerns adversely affect many items. Without fast relocation services, we need to address the level of cleaning and restoration that personal belongings require to avoid more significant and costlier damages for the customer.

Surface Cleaning Solutions

Between minerals and chemicals that could exist in standing water or moisture damage in your household, residues are one of the obstacles that our responding team must overcome. Surface cleaning strategies, especially wet cleaning with phenolics or green products, allow us to eliminate soil deposits and residual film without ruining the underlying affected material.

Licensed General Contractors to Help

Having a general contractor license, our professionals can also remove damaged structural elements, offer temporary construction solutions, and repair portions of the property after water damage. Our capabilities in this regard allow us to remain a one-stop-shop for restoration and reconstruction, saving a customer time and money on the recovery efforts their residence requires.

Federal Way water damage incidents are rapidly forming and widespread in many cases, making it crucial to have a team of accredited and experienced restoration specialists to help. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team stays ready to mobilize when disasters strike. Call our restorers anytime at (253) 838-8999.

Restoring Federal Way Fire Damage Fast

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

before and after view of fire damage in a home Heavy smoke can affect the contents and structure of your Federal Way home. Call SERVPRO to remediate the fire damage and clean up smoke soils.

FSRT-Certified Technicians Overcome Fire Damage

Fire damage incidents can be traumatic and devastating between the thousands of homes throughout King County and the Seattle Metropolitan area, including historical landmarks. For this reason, we invest our time and resources into educating our FSRT-Certified professionals with the latest restoration strategies, mitigation equipment, and products in our inventory to help.

Mitigating Federal Way fire damage hinges most on the fast response of our SERVPRO professionals. Our facility stores dozens of Green Fleet vehicles and hundreds of recovery tools for post-fire cleanup and restoration. After the first notice of loss, our restoration team works to mobilize fast to perform needed emergency services to help.

The Hazards of Post-Fire Environments

A post-fire environment is one of the most volatile environments that our SERVPRO team can enter, except for biohazard cleanup jobs. Not only is the atmosphere often saturated with soot solids and particles, but our contractors must also expect structural instability and compromise. Much of the emergency services and mitigative efforts are performed to make the environment safer for our team working on cleanup up fire damage.

Eliminating Structural Threats and Safety Hazards

Emergency services first focus on the safety hazards that prevent mitigation action from getting underway. The most pressing concern is circulating carcinogenic smoke particles. HEPA 500 Air Scrubbers from our inventory can significantly reduce volatile environments. Similarly, the contractor license allows us to inspect and remove compromised structural elements to replace them later.

Cleaning Up After Smoke Damages

Smoke remediation is one of the more necessary elements of fire restoration and recovery services. Because there are multiple types of smoke damage, naturally, the cleaning approach for these various compositions also changes. We have hundreds of products ranging from solvents and detergents for moist deposits and greasy residues to chemical sponges to remove lighter soiled surfaces. Types of smoke damage include:

  • Wet Smoke
  • Dry Smoke
  • Oil Furnace Puffback
  • Kitchen Fires

Deodorization Solutions

Odors are one final obstacle to returning properties to their original condition. We can implement several deodorizing practices, sometimes simultaneously, to manage the presence of offensive scents. These can include:

  • Fogging – High-heat fires open the pores of sensitive materials in the house to direct malodor exposure. Thermal and ULV fogging turn potent deodorants into penetrative vapors to impact trapped smells.
  • UV Cleaning – UV Cleaning is effective and can help entire rooms of damaged property. Hydroxyl machines are the tools capable of cleaning in this manner. The onboard HEPA filtration capabilities also make the volatile environment less hazardous.
  • Ozone – The use of ozone is one of the most efficient and effective strategies available, but not without its costs. Because the compound is very harmful to breathe, we must allow the right amount of time for ozone to dissipate before returning.

Fire Damage Repairs After Restoration

One of the final steps to fire damage restoration and recovery is replacing removed materials and repairing structural compromise. Contractors of our team can provide several types of build-back services to help homes and businesses with post-fire clean up and get their life back to normal as fast as possible. We carefully assess needed repairs and construction to seamlessly transition to rebuilding after fire restoration and smoke remediation are complete.

Because of the condition of homes and businesses after Federal Way fire damage incidents, it is vital to get professional restorers to the scene as soon as possible. Quickly following extinguishment leaves less time for surfaces to be destroyed by soot and materials more able to be restored and cleaned. Give our experienced SERVPRO of Federal Way team a call now at (253) 838-8999.

Preparing for Federal Way Mold Damage Possibilities

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on wooden floor joists Contact our SERVPRO AMRT-Certified mold damage remediation technicians in Federal Way to assess and help with mold damage in your home.

AMRT Specialists Offer Mold Damage Recovery

Did you know that your insurance often does not cover repairing and remediating mold and microbial damage? Unless it is one of the destructive triggers in your home policy, like a burst pipe or damaged appliance that leads to this development, the entire remediation cost might be out-of-pocket for the customer. Many areas could be directly affected, including:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Garages
  • Laundry Areas
  • Bathrooms

Because of how widespread Federal Way mold damage could be, it is vital to have our remediation team respond as fast as possible. The longer that mold colonies go unchallenged, the more they spread and require lengtheir and more invasive cleaning measures. We are trusted AMRT-Certified technicians accredited through the IICRC to provide your household with correct and experienced remediation decisions.

How Likely is Mold?

Humidity is a persistent concern with the rainfall, and precipitation King’s County receives every year. Because there are no buildings and residences entirely impervious to mold infestation, it is necessary to consider how readily poorly ventilated structures can be affected. From The Commons and St. Francis Hospital to the homes of the nearly 100,000 in the city, mold damage is a common occurrence that our SERVPRO team stays prepared to face.

Acting Quickly on Mold Development

Direct action can often help keep the situation from being worse than it needs to be. The first measure that we can take in this regard is to establish physical containment barriers. With a wooden framework, spring-loaded rods, and thick 6-mil plastic sheeting, we can create a set boundary for manipulating airflow, temperature, and humidity – the main principles of efficient drying. Influencing these environmental factors can also contribute to slowing the progression of mold damage.

Mold Removal Strategies for Damaged Homes

Because of the finite timeline, our AMRT-Certified professionals must address the active mold colonization in your home. Remediation comes down to several strategies simultaneously. The ideal scenario only utilizes superficial techniques like antimicrobial products, sporicides, and biocides. When more aggressive methods are necessary, we can implement equipment like media blasters, sanders, and other units.

Eliminating Offensive Odors

Malodors are one of the common indicators of active colonization. Despite the lessening of these smells that might occur with remediation and surface cleaning, the full measure of musty malodors is not resolved through these efforts. Deodorization is a necessary component of restoring comfortable living conditions. This includes fogging with neutralizing products to penetrate and reach trapped odors in:

  • Clothing
  • Carpeting
  • Porous building materials
  • HVAC system

Preventing Mold Damage Recurrences

There are multiple advantages to choosing experienced SERVPRO professionals for the remediation and recovery of your home after mold exposure. One example is the general contractor license, which allows us to complete any necessary repairs and build back services. An objective for these professionals in the post-remediation phases is to prevent recurrences. We can replace and repair structural vulnerabilities and utility damage to prevent water damage where it can be a more significant threat.

We work tirelessly to return your home to preloss condition after mold threatens the structure and contents. Between regular pre-job inspections and interfacing with the customer, we can meet milestones and expected goals to get an everyday life back as fast as possible.

Federal Way mold damage might seem commonplace in wet environments like the basement, but it should be removed and cleaned as soon as possible to prevent losses in your home. We have effective remediation methods and experienced professionals on our SERVPRO of Federal Way team to help. Call now at (253) 838-8999.

What to Do About Fire Damage in Your Federal Way Retail Outlet

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

matches burning Unfortunately, commercial fire damage happens. Your SERVPRO of Federal Way team is always on call to restore your business.

Restoration of Fire Damaged Shops in Federal Way

Not all businesses prepare for critical events. SERVPRO can help companies in Federal Way recover from fire damage quickly and with less fuss. We can eliminate the soot and odor, perform the controlled demolition, and carry out the rebuilding that gets your business up and running again.

Fire damage to a Federal Way shop causes problems in several ways. SERVPRO has the response affected business owners need to minimize profit loss and maximize the outcome. 

We understand your concerns regarding a quick recovery, insurance requirements, and costs incurred for inventory and reconstruction replacement materials. Our dedicated and experienced team knows how to manage any size project, resulting in specific-to-you work. Working under our contractor license (SERVPCS911LE), we provide:

  • Professional guidance of timeframes, possible floor plan changes, and insurance assistance,
  • Rapid response and the initiation of necessary cleanup and reconstruction, and
  • Deodorization on an as-needed basis.

Our crew leader can explain how long rebuilding takes and when your shop can reopen. Because fires sometimes cause gutting, business owners often see changes in floor plans as an unexpected and positive surprise, and we can show you how such changes might lower your total costs. Reimbursement of losses to your building, inventory, and any equipment in the shop and your offices typically requires verification. We can help list such losses to help make this process smoother.

Smoky air is uncomfortable to inhale, so one of the first things we do during projects involving post-fire reconstruction is to run an air scrubber. Allowing this to run while we perform tear-offs and clean otherwise undamaged materials helps keep soot from settling on surfaces. During this time, our reconstruction team is already taking measurements of materials needed and making lists and notations of imminent tasks.

When we perform post-construction deodorization for you, we can also inspect areas where soot tags, a web-like accumulation of smoke particles, often appear after a fire.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is always here to help area businesses of all sizes recover from fire damage. Call us at (253) 838-8999, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Real Truth Behind Federal Way Water Removal Services

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

water coming from pipe leak Team SERVPRO specializes in not only finding the leak but effective water damage remediation as well. Contact us 24/7 in case of emergency.

Identifying Moisture and Water Removal in Federal Way  

A leaky pipe behind a wall often goes unnoticed until you start to see moisture coming through the drywall. Usually, it spreads like a ring and slowly expands across the wall. Besides stopping the leak, it is essential to find hidden pockets of moisture and remove them. Failing to deal with humidity correctly may lead to secondary damages such as dangerous mold infestations or warped walls.

Water removal in Federal Way does not just mean drying the floors and cutting out the destroyed drywall. That is only one step in the process. Other actions include detecting moisture to ensure dry, moisture-free materials and using air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry the impacted areas of your home.

The Purpose of Inspection Devices

Inspection devices include moisture sensors, thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and thermo-hygrometers. Some of these devices sense the presence of water in your home, and some detect moisture levels. In both cases, the inspection devices save SERVPRO technicians time by taking the guesswork out.

How to Find Moisture with Thermography

Thermal imaging cameras detect the presence of water by detecting temperature differences of a material. Thermal capacitance is a critical component of how thermal imaging cameras work. Surfaces with water hold heat and take longer to change temperatures than surfaces without moisture because water can store heat, slowing down the evaporation rate. This means that when the room is cold, the thermal camera detects the warmth of moist areas, and when the room is hot, the camera detects the colder wet areas.

Other Ways to Find Moisture

SERVPRO technicians use moisture sensors to find moisture hidden in carpets and their padding. The sensor has probes that penetrate the layers of carpet and padding to detect the moisture levels of the floor underneath. The sensor alerts visually and audibly if it detects water. The more water there is, the faster the alert. 

These sensors detect moisture. Moisture meters read the moisture levels within materials, while thermo-hygrometers ascertain a room's relative humidity (RH). Inspection devices allow technicians to create the best restoration plan possible by identifying and reading moisture and humidity levels.

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Federal Way (General Contractor # SERVPCS911LE) of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999.

Who Deals with Mold in Residential Properties?

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth along wall Having Visible Mold Signs? TIme to Call SERVPRO for a Fast Arrival and Remediation at Your Federal Way Home

Visible Signs of Microbes May Require Professional Mold Removal Experts for your Federal Way Home

Why does mold grow in some Federal Way properties?

SERVPRO Has Extensive Experience Dealing with Microbial Growth Issues.

Mold growth can occur in Federal Way properties due to excess quantities of moisture. The main reason that SERVPRO technicians aim to dry materials quickly in a property is to prevent mold growth. These microscopic organisms can lead to the decomposition of organic matter in your home, including woods, drywall, and textiles or fabrics. Spotting mold in the house is enough to justify professional microbial remediation technicians who can ensure that the colonies are cleaned and do not return several weeks later.

How does mold affect a residential property?

  • The growth of microbes is a central concern for the water restoration industry.
  • Microbes can spread and increase quickly, causing extensive damage to residential property and unpleasant soiling and odor.

How do restoration professionals get rid of mold?

When performing mold removal in your Federal Way home, the critical factor is taking control of moisture. Microbial organisms require water to grow, which is why a lot of mold remediation focuses on finding the source of moisture and drying it appropriately. Experts may need to inspect a property with signs of mold growth and direct SERVPRO IICRC trained remediation technicians. These experts may include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals or industrial hygienists (IH). Having specialized talent can ensure that your property recovers and remains sanitary after microbial infestation.

What chemicals do molds release?

  • Mycotoxins can be produced by some molds.
  • Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOC) are commonly made by mold infestation and are the reason for musty or stale odors.

Molds can spread fast without intervention from professional remediators. Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999.

Our Experts Can Restore Your Des Moines Home After A Flood

5/21/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with furniture floating around Excess water destroys both the contents and structure of your home. Call SERVPRO 24/7 to quickly start the water removal process.

Restoring a Home After Flood Damage in Des Moines

Flooding is the number one disaster that occurs in the US each year. From 2005 to 2014 alone, the average flood claim was $42,000, and the annual average for flood insurance claims was a whopping $3.5 billion. The cost that comes from these disasters occurs on several different levels. Structures can suffer long-term damage from moisture and contaminants without professional mitigation.

If you need rapid cleanup for flood damage in your Des Moines residence, SERVPRO teams are available 24/7, to restore your home. If your structure requires additional work after a flooding-related disaster, your local SERVPRO as a general contracting license (#SERVPCS911LE). This team strives to bring homeowners a deep clean with contemporary technologies and scientific theory.

Residential Yard Drainage Options

While smart landscaping cannot entirely prevent flooding, there are many cost-effective options available to minimize damage and exposure, including:

  •   Add landscaping rocks. Whether you arrange these rocks to create a small fountain or edge your yard with them, they are a practical, yet visually appealing way to lower your home flood risk.
  •   Install grates, drains, or rain barrels. Not only can drains lower home flood risk, but storage options like rain barrels can keep your plants healthy.
  •   Make smart design decisions. Consult with an experienced landscaper on how to use a variety of methods that can minimize flooding. These can include plants, mulch, landscaping rocks, and sloping terrain to safely redirect water away from the structure without affecting nearby residences.

How SERVPRO Can Help

When SERVPRO comes to your residence, technicians can not only thoroughly extract floodwaters, but they can disinfect and remove sediment and debris. Professionals also have access to a variety of odor control methods, such as ultra low-volume fogging. ULV foggers release a mist of solvent that binds with odor-causing particles to eliminate them. Odors can also be addressed with the help of EPA-registered antimicrobials, direct spraying of deodorizing materials, and ventilation box fans.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is a team you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. For disaster cleanup that starts within hours, call (253) 838-8999.

We Have The Experience And Equipment Necessary To Restore Your Federal Way Home After A Fire

5/21/2022 (Permalink)

a fuse box on a wall on fire If an electrical fire occurs in your home, you need to quickly call in a professional restoration team. SERVPRO is standing by to help your home.

Fire Damage Was Not the Biggest Issue in Federal Way Home

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home-based electrical fires account for nearly one-third of home structure fires and more than $1.3-billion in property losses.

In some cases, Federal Way homes may not see much in the form of structural fire damage, but massive issues may remain with smoke residues that require cleaning, or they can spread throughout the property.

Removal of Smoke Damage

SERVPRO technicians have a vast array of cleaning agents, solvents to capture deposits, and specialized cleaning tools and methods to lift away stubborn evidence of the fire loss left behind. However, sometimes that is not enough to completely and safely remove large-scale smoke residues.

Cleaning of Wood Building Materials

In the case of rafters in the attic or basement support beams, the techs use rigorous methods to avoid fire damage to the surface of the wood. When dealing with massive deposits, soda blasting is an excellent method to remove the soot without marring the surface. These machines use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) delivered at a high velocity, and it "blasts" away the residues clinging to the wood. This method does not eat away the surface of the wood, such as sandblasting. As a bonus, this type of cleaning not only removes the smoke damage but also deodorizes.

Other Common Concerns

SERVPRO techs inspect the ductwork to determine if the HVAC and ductwork require cleaning. If it ran after the fire loss, there is a good chance there are soot particles in the ducts that require removal. This action halts fire odors from permeating the entire structure.

Take the Stress Out of Repairs

Even when the number of charred items is minimal, there may be some repairs necessary to restore the home to its pre-fire condition, such as walls treated with a sealant to inhibit smoke odors need repainting or sheetrock repairs. With their general contractor license #SERVPCS911LE, the techs can handle the entire restoration process from start to finish for the homeowner and take the stress out of finding both a restoration and reconstruction company to handle the loss.

SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 has the equipment and experience to restore homes to their preloss condition from fire damage and make it "Like it never even happened."

We Have the State-of-The-Art Equipment Necessary In Des Moines To Restore Your Water Damage

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of SERVPRO van, restoration and cleaning equipment seen Our vans are equipped with water extraction units to remove all the moisture from the property before we use our drying equipment.

Mitigation of Water Damage Includes Inspection of Your Des Moines House's Interior Structure 

Many of your Des Moines home structures were always intended to stay dry. Contact with a damp towel during cleaning does minor, if any, damage. A broken water line, however, changes everything. Drywall, many flooring materials, and other components are absorbent, letting moisture permeate easily. Once dampness sets in, damage begins. Our goal is to mitigate this process and restore everything to preloss condition as inexpensively as possible for you.

SERVPRO wants to explain to our customers in Des Moines some water damage inspection methods used to determine the severity and spread within their house. We need this information to put our efforts exactly where they are the most effective. These monitoring activities also occur at regular intervals during the entire process of drying out a house. Toward the end, they help ensure the achievement of complete dryness as accurately as they detect the excess moisture content.

Some materials, like drywall, almost immediately show visible signs of absorbing water damage from its contact with water. Others, such as stone, brick, concrete, or tile, seem impenetrable to water. However, these harder materials do have microscopic openings in their surfaces, as does any mortar or grout. The more durable nature of these items makes them more difficult to dry as quickly as softer materials. 

Locating moisture in almost any area of your property happens with an infrared camera. However, some homes with metal framing might need a visual inspection of the interiors of walls. These areas can retain water much as an HVAC system can. Our building crew, registered with General Contractor License # SERVPCS911LE, assists with such endeavors, ensuring that as little demolition work occurs.

Moisture meters come in two main styles. One uses two tiny prongs that enter slightly into the material the technician is checking. The current strength that passes from one prong to the subsequent increases when more moisture exists in any particular material. Some homeowners worry about these prongs causing damage to their property. If you have concerns about this, please talk to us, and we can answer any questions. We want you to know we respect your property and do not want to do anything contrary to your wishes.

The other moisture meter does not use these probes but typically only reveals moisture content levels in concrete or tile flooring. We use one of these meters to determine how far the moisture has seeped into a material. Once this is known, we then switch to a penetrating meter to have the moisture content reading and proceed with drying. 

SERVPRO of Federal Way also covers Woodmont Beach, and Zenith, helping homeowners with restoration after water damage threatens their property. Call us at (253) 838-8999, so we can begin the mitigation work needed to make restoration efforts more efficient.

Scoping Federal Way Office Contents for Fire Damage Restoration

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Inside floor view of office; view of floors and cubicles Everything in your office, from furniture personal items is susceptible to fire damage.

Content Assessment Helps Focus Fire Restoration in Federal Way Office Buildings

Contents are present in every building and business, so responding technicians prioritize providing appropriate preventative care when disasters like fires occur. Several fire loss results like:

  • Soot Damage
  • Odors
  • Blistering
  • Water Damage

Office Furniture

Fire damage restoration for Federal Way offices includes damage to several contents and items throughout the building. Furniture is one of the most impacted groups of contents after a fire loss, as chairs, desks, and cubicles can take up the most significant space against circulating soot and smoke debris.


Electronics are a common staple of the modern office, from the multiple computers and monitors to the equipment used to file paperwork and general office activities. Fires threaten these items with the circulating soot and smoke residues that come to rest on the surfaces or infiltrate vents and openings to get inside the exterior of these necessary elements.

Documents and Records

Between the combustion, spreading smoke loss effects, and water used to suppress a fire, documents, and hard copies of records for clients and customers can be destroyed. Our SERVPRO professionals must work fast to help in these situations and relocate these items to a safe place on the property to prevent this irreparable harm.

Personal Items

Employees are encouraged to bring in some personal belongings and decorations to make workspaces feel more comfortable and unique. Personal items are as sensitive to soot and smoke damage as the furniture, so these must also be included in the cleaning and recovery processes of the team.

When fires impact your office, there are several layers of potential effects, from odors and soot to the destruction of contents. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way fire restoration specialists work fast to help get your business back up and operating normally again after disasters. You can reach our response team anytime by calling (253) 838-8999.