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Moisture Concerns for Concrete Subflooring in Federal Way Homes

2/12/2020 (Permalink)

Concrete with a large crack with a water spot. Let SERVPRO know about your flood in Federal Way, your concrete subflooring could be causing large risks for your home.

SERVPRO can stop the moisture in your Federal Way home.

In many Federal Way homes renovated from older commercial properties or that were constructed on slabs instead of full foundations with basement levels, it is not uncommon to encounter concrete subflooring beneath wood flooring or carpeting. When flooding occurs, potential contaminants could require the removal of the surface level of flooring material and any padding or support material underneath.

Because concrete takes years to fully harden through hydration, flood damage to Federal Way homes could have a damaging effect on concrete slab foundations. Until concrete materials entirely harden, they are weaker and have a higher porosity. Standing water on the surface of flooring material can quickly affect wood planks and carpeting, requiring our SERVPRO technicians to remove these upper layers to expose the subfloor concrete and work on drying out any potential moisture concerns that might exist.

Learning how damaged concrete slabs might have become during a flood involves the use of a non-penetrating moisture meter. Because concrete naturally retains moisture as part of its composition, our team looks for abnormal spikes that could indicate irregularities in the established moisture baseline. These tools can inspect the top inch of concrete material exposed, which can often be enough to indicate if a more significant threat exists that must get addressed.

Concrete requires controlled drying techniques when abnormal moisture gets discovered in the upper layer of the slab beneath the flooring. This controlled drying approach requires consistent monitoring of the vapor barrier and application of warmer temperatures and direct airflow to promote the evaporation of trapped moisture in the material. Drying mats can help in a constant draw of moisture from this subflooring as well when air movers might not be an accessible option.

Because concrete subflooring is more common than you might think, it is vital for our SERVPRO of Federal Way team to have the equipment, products, and techniques to address these concerns. In many cases, we can preserve and protect concrete flooring despite exposure to contaminants with focused disinfection protocols before build back starts. Give our professionals a call anytime disaster strikes at (253) 838-8999.

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We Have The Experience And Equipment Necessary To Restore Your Federal Way Home After A Fire

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Shelves of rags in a room to be used on fire damage cleanup Cleaning after a fire takes a lot of clean towels and rags and we have the supplies ready and waiting for your emergency service needs. Call us 24/7.

Fire Damage Was Not the Biggest Issue in Federal Way Home

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home-based electrical fires account for nearly one-third of home structure fires and more than $1.3-billion in property losses.

In some cases, Federal Way homes may not see much in the form of structural fire damage, but massive issues may remain with smoke residues that require cleaning, or they can spread throughout the property.

Removal of Smoke Damage

SERVPRO technicians have a vast array of cleaning agents, solvents to capture deposits, and specialized cleaning tools and methods to lift away stubborn evidence of the fire loss left behind. However, sometimes that is not enough to completely and safely remove large-scale smoke residues.

Cleaning of Wood Building Materials

In the case of rafters in the attic or basement support beams, the techs use rigorous methods to avoid fire damage to the surface of the wood. When dealing with massive deposits, soda blasting is an excellent method to remove the soot without marring the surface. These machines use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) delivered at a high velocity, and it "blasts" away the residues clinging to the wood. This method does not eat away the surface of the wood, such as sandblasting. As a bonus, this type of cleaning not only removes the smoke damage but also deodorizes.

Other Common Concerns

SERVPRO techs inspect the ductwork to determine if the HVAC and ductwork require cleaning. If it ran after the fire loss, there is a good chance there are soot particles in the ducts that require removal. This action halts fire odors from permeating the entire structure.

Take the Stress Out of Repairs

Even when the number of charred items is minimal, there may be some repairs necessary to restore the home to its pre-fire condition, such as walls treated with a sealant to inhibit smoke odors need repainting or sheetrock repairs. With their general contractor license #SERVPCS911LE, the techs can handle the entire restoration process from start to finish for the homeowner and take the stress out of finding both a restoration and reconstruction company to handle the loss.

SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999 has the equipment and experience to restore homes to their preloss condition from fire damage and make it "Like it never even happened."

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We Have The State Of The Art Equipment Necessary In Des Moines To Restore Your Water Damage

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

Truck Mounted Water Extractor Our vans are equipped with water extraction units to remove all the moisture from the property before we use our drying equipment.

Mitigation of Water Damage Includes Inspection of Your Des Moines House's Interior Structure 

Many of the structures in your Des Moines home were intended to always stay dry. Contact with a damp towel during cleaning does little, if any, damage. A broken water line, however, changes everything. Drywall, many flooring materials, and other components are absorbent, letting moisture permeate easily. Once dampness sets in, damage begins. Our goal is to mitigate this process and restore everything to preloss condition as inexpensively as possible for you.

SERVPRO wants to explain to our customers in Des Moines some water damage inspection methods used to determine the severity and spread within their house. We need this information so we can put our efforts exactly where they are the most effective. These monitoring activities also occur at regular internals during the entire process of drying out a house. Toward the end, they help ensure the achievement of complete dryness as accurately as they detected the excess moisture content.

Some materials, like drywall, almost immediately show visible signs of absorbing water damage from its contact with water. Others, such as stone, brick, concrete, or tile, seem impenetrable to water. These harder materials do have microscopic openings in their surfaces, however, as does any mortar or grout. The more durable nature of these items makes them more difficult to dry as quickly as softer materials. 

Locating moisture in almost any area of your property happens with an infrared camera. However, some homes with metal framing might need visual inspection of the interiors of walls. These areas can retain water much like an HVAC system can. Our building crew, registered with General Contractor License # SERVPCS911LE, assists with such endeavors, ensuring that as little demolition work occurs.

Moisture meters come in two main styles. One uses two tiny prongs that enter slightly into the material the technician is checking. The strength of the current that passes from one prong to the next increases when more moisture exists in any particular material. Some homeowners worry about these prongs causing damage to their property. If you have concerns about this, please talk to us and we can answer any questions. We want you to know we respect your property and do not want to do anything contrary to your wishes.

The other style moisture meter does not use these probes, but typically only reveals moisture content levels in concrete or tile flooring. Other ways that we use one of these meters is to determine how far moisture has seeped into a material. Once this is known, we then switch to a penetrating meter so we have the moisture content reading and can proceed with drying. 

SERVPRO of Federal Way also covers Woodmont Beach, and Zenith, helping homeowners with restoration after water damage threatens their property. Call us at (253) 838-8999, so we can begin the mitigation work needed to make restoration efforts more efficient.

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Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Federal Way Home

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

Warped wood baseboard Call our team of experts today at (253) 838-8999.

If you suspect water damage in your home, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for

Not every water damage event in a home announces itself with a gush of water from a broken supply line or malfunctioning washing machine or dishwasher. Sometimes the damage occurring is slow and subtle until small signs begin to appear.

Water damage behind a Federal Way wall or ceiling can appear in various ways. Many homeowners report a musty odor that they cannot get rid of, no matter how much spray deodorizer or air freshener they use. 


The technicians undergo both classroom and hands-on training to get certified for the restoration services they perform. This instruction includes different types of water damage, fire loss, and safe mold remediation practices. They are taught the latest methods and have access to a vast array of advanced equipment so they can work towards the best outcome in every situation. 

Signs You Have Hidden Water Damage

Any of the following point to a need to have your home professionally scoped for an on-going water loss problem: 

  • Water spots on walls or ceilings
  • Sheetrock looks softened or is buckling
  • Paint bubbles
  • Mold
  • A musty odor in a particular area
  • Delaminated tile 
  • Warped hardwood floorboards
  • Damp spots in carpet

What to Expect When SERVPRO Arrives

The technicians carefully scope the property to define the scale of the water loss in the home using their advanced moisture detection equipment to peer behind walls without the need to remove sheetrock. Once they determine the loss area, they extract as much moisture as possible and dry the area. Damaged sheetrock and other building materials may require removal and disposal.

Repairs and Rebuilding Service with SERVPRO

With their general contractor license #SERVPCS911LE, they can offer homeowners the opportunity to utilize one company for both restorations from water damage and reconstruction.

This service takes the hassle out of dealing with multiple companies, and since SERVPRO works with both homeowners and adjusters, it ensures any work done is within the scope of coverage, so there are no surprises.

When water damage is the problem, contact SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999. Their certified technicians arrive quickly and work to make the water loss in your home, "Like it never even happened."

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We Get You Back In Business in Des Moines After A Fire

12/27/2019 (Permalink)

One of our fire cleaning station facilities Our fire content cleaning stations are located right inside our facility. We have the technology and staff to properly mitigate contents in house.

Salon Feels New After Restoration of A Commercial Fire Damage Incident in Des Moines 

Fire damage can transform a place with the best ambiance to feel like a dump in a matter of minutes. An unattended hair curling iron ignited a small fire in a Des Moines salon, which was aggravated by the highly combustible styling and hygiene products next to the iron. Although contained early, the fire left most areas covered in smoke residues and charred contents.

When the owner called SERVPRO to help restore the commercial fire damage loss in Des Moines, the biggest worry was whether the salon would regain its preloss state by merely cleaning it since other restoration solutions such as replacing materials would be too costly. Our crew chief took the time to explain various cleaning approaches that we could use to handle different challenges.

The main areas of concern were the oily smoke residues on wall panels, which would require considerable effort to clean and the ceiling tiles, which could be damaged by wet cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians used their advanced training in fire and smoke restoration techniques to handle such challenges safely. After inspecting the site, we realized that we could clean the ceiling using a specialized technique called peroxide-active cleaning, which removes residues from ceiling tiles without damaging them as regular wet cleaning would. For the wall surfaces, chemical sponges helped remove fire damage residues without leaving smudges or damaging the wall panels through moisture exposure.

Away from the construction materials, charring was visible on some of the furniture while residues had deeply stained the granite countertop. For a business that deals with looks, options like heavy abrasion that would mess with the finish or leaving stains in place were not acceptable. The owner was also not eager to foot a replacement bill. Our SERVPRO technicians found a better solution by using a soda blaster, which helped remove the residue stains and charring without damaging the surfaces.

Fire causes a wide range of damages. Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-899 to help find a solution that deals with any issue, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Experts Can Restore Your Des Moines Home After A Flood

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

flooding cause by storm For disaster cleanup that starts within hours, call (253) 838-8999.

Restoring a Home After Flood Damage in Des Moines

Flooding is the number one disaster that occurs in the US each year. From 2005 to 2014 alone, the average flood claim was $42,000, and the annual average for flood insurance claims was a whopping $3.5 billion. The cost that comes from these disasters occurs on several different levels. Structures can suffer long-term damage from moisture and contaminants without professional mitigation.

If you need rapid cleanup for flood damage in your Des Moines residence, SERVPRO teams are available 24/7, to restore your home. If your structure requires additional work after a flooding-related disaster, your local SERVPRO as a general contracting license (#SERVPCS911LE). This team strives to bring homeowners a deep clean with contemporary technologies and scientific theory.

Residential Yard Drainage Options
While smart landscaping cannot entirely prevent flooding, there are many cost-effective options available to minimize damage and exposure, including:

    •    Add landscaping rocks. Whether you arrange these rocks to create a small fountain or edge your yard with them, they are a practical, yet visually appealing way to lower your home flood risk.
    •    Install grates, drains, or rain barrels. Not only can drains lower home flood risk, but storage options like rain barrels can keep your plants healthy.
    •    Make smart design decisions. Consult with an experienced landscaper on how to use a variety of methods that can minimize flooding. These can include plants, mulch, landscaping rocks, and sloping terrain to safely redirect water away from the structure without affecting nearby residences.

How SERVPRO Can Help
When SERVPRO comes to your residence, technicians can not only thoroughly extract floodwaters, but they can disinfect and remove sediment and debris. Professionals also have access to a variety of odor control methods, such as ultra low-volume fogging. ULV foggers release a mist of solvent that binds with odor-causing particles to eliminate them. Odors can also be addressed with the help of EPA-registered antimicrobials, direct spraying of deodorizing materials, and ventilation box fans.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is a team you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. For disaster cleanup that starts within hours, call (253) 838-8999.

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Give Our Experts A Call Today In Des Moines After A Fire

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Shelves with rags and towels on them to handle fire damage In an event of a fire we have all the necessary supplies to clean your home and restore it back to normal. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

The Threats in the Air After Des Moines Structure Fires

Smoke residues and particulates can enter a perpetual cycle of circulation in Des Moines during a structure fire. As the rise of warm air swirls cooler air towards the floor, many of the particles from the burning of organic and inorganic materials become a health hazard for those exposed. After extinguishment, these hydrocarbons still exist, and the smoke itself can be toxic depending on gases included. 

DIY damage assessment can be a threatening experience for unprepared homeowners who do not understand the full measure of risk with specific fire damages in Des Moines homes. Structure fires can affect contents, construction materials, and other matters. The combustion of these objects and materials can produce contaminants and particulates that circulate through the environment. This presence can be harmful to technicians if they get inhaled directly, and that is what makes the use of personal protective equipment so valuable to assessment and early mitigation steps. 

Our initial response to these conditions is to focus first on proper ventilation of the structure. Because both the sulfur produced by burning inorganics and the nitrogen produced by burning organics both can cause health effects, air movers should get deployed to begin effectively reducing the concentration of airborne threats in a given portion of the residence. This ventilation step can effectively remove most gas emitted from debris still in the building until our SERVPRO team can begin fire damage removal techniques. 

Mitigation in any capacity cannot successfully begin without ensuring the protection of our SERVPRO technicians at the house. We have respirators our team can use when the concentration of residues is high enough to require them. The application of our air scrubbers and other filtration tools can help to trap many of the particulates circulating in the environment that ventilation does not remove entirely. 

Because of the risks associated with the hydrocarbons and carcinogens that burning and combustion can leave behind, our SERVPRO of Federal Way team responds to fire losses immediately. We have efficient practices to reduce the concentration of these threats to begin mitigation and restoration as promptly as possible. Give us a call today at (253) 838-8999.

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How SERVPRO Removes Water From Carpet in Federal Way

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

corner of carpet on hardwood floor Excess water ruins carpet. SERVPRO has the tools for fast and effective water extraction. Call us today!

Water Removal Options for Saturated Carpet in Federal Way Homes 

Many of our specialty tools connect to our extraction devices like submersible pumps or self-priming trash pumps to provide Federal Way homes with an efficient water removal solution. These attachments are often designed to regulate the moisture and saturation removal of flooring options like carpeted areas of your house. Our fast response during these emergencies can protect damaged portions of flooring when possible. 

There are dozens of potential options for effective water removal for Federal Way homes, depending on the specific circumstances. For carpeted areas, we have two types of units to remove moisture from the carpet and the padding beneath it, stationary and self-propelled machines. Our SERVPRO production manager can determine the need for these tools during the initial scoping process of the job and determining which available extractors could complete the needed tasks most efficiently. 

Self-Propelled Extraction Tools 

These are motor-powered and can move around the carpeted area at a consistent speed. In most cases, these are weighted extractors that squeeze carpet and padding beneath it tightly together to force moisture to the surface. A vacuum system on the unit can pull the displaced water from the surface and into the designated discharge location. Many of these same units are ride-on machines, allowing additional weight from the technician to improve the effectiveness of extraction even more. 

Stationary Tools 

This equipment is not motorized, meaning that though it works similarly to the weighted extractors in the self-propelled options, these exclusively use the weight of our SERVPRO technician. These stand-on stationary units can vary in size, but the use of them remains the same. Our professionals stand on the device, and the onboard vacuum removes the surface moisture. This powerful extractor can then get moved over to a new section, and the process starts again until all of the excess water has gotten removed. 

Extractors play an essential role in the recovery of water-damaged residences. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way professionals have a large inventory of recovery tools and extensive experience to help however you need. Give us a call anytime at (253) 838-8999. 

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Why We Are The Leader In Federal Way Flood Damage Restoration

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

One of our mobile high heat units in our warehouse SERVPRO has mobile high heat units to dry out structures damaged by storms. Call us 24/7 to prevent further damage to your belongings.

How Heavy Rains Can Cause Sewer-Based Flood Damage in Your Federal Way Home

Torrential rains can lead to virtual rivers running down the street of Federal Way. The amount of water deposited over a short period during a severe rainstorm can challenge the ability of the storm water system to respond, causing the downpour to fill roadways and parking lots because of an overabundance of fluids. Public storm sewers are in place to help manage the water, but they cannot always handle the task.

Drains Are Interrelated

Homeowners in Federal Way can experience flood damage inside their residences even if your roof and gutter systems are draining correctly, your basement is waterproofed, and you have no exterior storm damage. The pressure in the municipal storm water system exerts in all directions. Utility hole covers can blow out of the pavement, and curbside sewer grates overflow. Inside basements and crawl spaces, the lateral lines that connect your waste pipe to the public sewer can provide a pathway for raw human waste to enter and contaminate your lower levels because of the tremendous force coming from the over-capacity storm drains.

What Are the Risks When Sewage Backs Up?

SERVPRO employees know that sewage is Category 3, the most contaminated type of flooding damage. Category 3 water contains disease-causing agents such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even parasites. Exposure to the microbes from sewage can result in illness and incapacity from infectious diseases, allergies, or toxic poisoning. The microbes can attack your system when you:

  • Breathe them
  • Swallow them
  • Absorb them through skin contact

Flood Damage from Sewage Needs a Professional Response

The SERVPRO team has advanced training and specialized protective equipment to handle flood damage resulting from a sewer backup. We set up containment areas to keep you and your family safe while we work, employing air scrubbers and physical barriers to ensure to limit microbial drift. Throughout the project, we use personal protective equipment (PPE), another way we keep the potentially infectious water and muck away from your living areas. Our company continually updates our understanding of local hazardous waste collection, containment, and disposal rules. You can rely on our team to take care of both solid and liquid flood damage materials lawfully and safely.

SERVPRO of Federal Way commits to helping residents weather flood damage, including the mess and hazards of sewer backups. Call (253) 838-8999 day or night for an expert evaluation and planning for flood damage abatement.

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Federal Way Homeowners Trust SERVPRO for Fire Loss Cleanup for Their Homes and Possessions

11/2/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged laundry room and washer SERVPRO Can Cleanup Your Fire Damaged Laundry Room in Federal Way, AND Clean the Clothing

Our Approach to Cleaning Textiles Affected by Fire Damage in Federal Way

Identifying, removing, and the proper disposal of soils are all keys to an effective cleaning solution. Many homeowners in Federal Way often assume that their cleaning equipment can remove soils when, in reality, they cannot get it all. Most vacuum cleaners do not have enough power or the proper filtration to remove particles from textiles left behind by a fire.

A properly trained professional can help remove fire damage from your Federal Way home. Our expert technicians understand how smoke, soot, and other residues often act as a magnet for other soils. Electrically charged soot can actually attract and bind to contents. We provide the right products, equipment, training, and services to avoid rapid resoiling, as a result of improper cleaning.

Our team uses the SERVPRO Franchise System of Clean, consisting of six types of clean and are happy to explain cleaning results, unique to each customer. We have practical and technical knowledge of cleaning, helping define the advantages and limitations of the products and services we use.

1.    Looks Clean – Refers to the appearance of the item after cleaning, a comparison between before and after.
2.    Smells Clean – Refers to the addition of pleasant odors, as well as the absence of offensive odors, called malodors.
3.    Feels Clean – When working with fibers, we want them to feel soft, smooth, luxurious, untangled, and not sticky, stiff, or matted.
4.    Stays Clean – Technicians use the correct method of cleaning on the selected textile, removing soils and residues, applying fiber protectors in many cases to keep areas clean.
5.    Dries Fast – Fibers that do not dry quickly, often develop lasting damage. Color bleeding, stains, streaks, and the existence of microorganisms cause fabrics to lose their strength.
6.    Is Sanitized – A sanitary condition, closely related to “smells clean,” often relating to the reduction of microorganisms.

Our facility has a heavy-duty, industrial-grade Esporta washing system that uses hydraulic power as a feature of deep cleaning fabrics. From a drape to clothing, and even stuffed Teddy Bears, can be cleaned to an almost new condition, "Like it never even happened."

At SERVPRO, we advise against allowing fabrics to become heavily soiled. You might save a little money here or there by waiting for longer intervals between cleaning. However, you also ruin your finely-upholstered furniture, carpets, and draperies by doing so. Bear in mind that sooty residues are acidic and can damage soft fabrics, etch glass, corrode metal, and damage vinyl materials.

Contact SERVPRO of Federal Way for 24-hour access to quality cleanup and restoration services you can count on, today and every day. (253) 838-8999