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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Water Cleanup in Federal Way

4/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team can help with efficient drying and cleaning approaches.

What Is the Fastest Solution for Water Cleanup in My Federal Way Church?

Our SERVPRO professionals have efficient extraction and drying solutions to help you get back to normal operations quickly.

Pooling water in any Federal Way structure can become a damaging situation, from the potential construction material deterioration to the facilitation of mold growth. Addressing these concerns for your church offers another sense of urgency in that you want the building to be available for scheduled services and meetings. Choosing professional restoration like our SERVPRO team can often be a cost-effective and faster approach than managing the situation on your own.

Do I Need Professional Restoration for Water Damage?

    •    Experienced Professionals
    •    Fast Response
    •    Can Save Money

Water cleanup for Federal Way churches like yours is often more involved than many property managers might believe. As the spiritual leader, you have to determine what situations can get managed in-house, and when restoration professionals are necessary. Wherever advanced drying might be a requirement or water has potentially migrated to areas that are inaccessible to conventional drying approaches, it might be time to consider the experienced professionals of our SERVPRO team to help.

One of the unique advantages of choosing our professionals over other restoration companies is that We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. While this slogan might catch attention, it is built on a commitment to reaching damaged sites faster than other companies in the area. Our prompt response begins with our preparedness for water loss emergencies by keeping trailers and production vehicles stocked with axial and centrifugal air movers, dehumidifiers, electric submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and carpet cleaning equipment.

Weighing your options often involves which solution is the most cost-effective and efficient. Considering your timeline to get the facility back to running at its full capacity and the thorough drying necessary to prevent secondary effects like mold growth, the least costly option often becomes our SERVPRO professionals.

How Do I Dry Up Water Quickly?

    •    Extraction
    •    Drying Tools
    •    Specialty Drying Approaches

Restoring the damage to your Federal Way church involves multiple processes happening in quick succession. From the time that we first arrive at your building, we must begin employing our mitigation measures to reduce the migration of water damage and protect more of the structural elements and contents of the affected areas. Extraction is often the most immediately pressing of these needs, as standing water can penetrate porous materials and begin deteriorating them. We have multiple practical water removal tools, including submersible pumps, vacuums, and wands.

Surface water concerns are often only the beginning of the recovery efforts our SERVPRO team must take. Drying is a vital element to water restoration, and it can also encompass many machines and practices. While air movers are the backbone of this phase, evaporation can also occur with the use of drying mats, positive pressure systems, and portable electric heaters.

As useful as the deployment of axial and centrifugal air movers might be, they cannot exclusively efficiently dry out your damaged church. Hardwood and tile flooring are conventional in areas other than the sanctuary, which can be ideal uses of specialty drying equipment like our drying mats. Likewise, carpet wands can be beneficial in removing the majority of trapped water in carpets and padding underneath it in your sanctuary before practices like carpet floating complete the restoration of these materials.

What Do Professional Restorers Do with Furniture During Drying?

    •    Cleaning Installed Components
    •    Relocating Furniture
    •    Pack-Out Process

Many of the structural fixtures in areas like your sanctuary in the church are built into the room. Booths for running sound and video to the raised platform for the worship leaders and sermons cannot get removed and relocated to protect them from migrating water effects. Instead, our SERVPRO professionals must work on drying out these affected materials and clean them on-site where they have gotten installed.

There are some mounted pieces of furniture like the pews that are attached to the subflooring with screws and bolts, but that can get removed when it is necessary to do so. Cleaning these individual pews might require a dedicated workspace where our technicians can easily move upholstery cleaning equipment from one bench to the next.

Loose contents in the sanctuary or other affected areas of your Federal Way church might need more direct attention and restoration. As we intend to restore before replacing, the content management team at our warehouse can offer cleaning and drying approaches that can restore individual items on a case-by-case basis. We can safely store these items until restoration completes in the church.

Do Carpets Need to be Cleaned After a Water Loss?

    •    Damage Assessment
    •    Drying
    •    Deep Cleaning

Depending on the severity of the water loss, present contaminants or debris, and several other factors, it might be beneficial to consider carpet cleaning after a water loss incident. Because the carpet in the sanctuary area is often among the most costly of the flooring investments that you make in the building, protecting its vibrancy, feel, and functionality is an essential aspect of restoring your Federal Way church.

Before any cleaning or other recovery efforts can be relevant or helpful, the full drying of these materials must complete. Carpet can be one of the more challenging materials to dry because it has multiple layers that can each absorb and retain moisture. Fibers of the carpet have magnetism for collecting surface water, and it can quickly spread to the padding and OSB or plywood subflooring beneath the pad. Between carpet wands, floating with air movers, and potentially replacing the padding, we can manage the drying needs of this flooring before cleaning.

Deep cleaning approaches can vary for your carpet, depending on its pile height and types of fibers. From pretreatment conditioning for colorfastness to hot water extraction for heavy soils and staining, we can offer premier cleaning that improves the look and feel of this flooring.

After a water loss incident, you want your church to get back to normal as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO of Federal Way team can help with efficient drying and cleaning approaches. Give us a call anytime at (253) 838-8999.

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