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Federal Way Storm Flood Damage Calls for Addressing Odors and Moisture During Cleanup

11/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded neighborhood with water up to the first level of a house Affected by a recent storm and flooding? Team SERVPRO has the certified technicians and equipment to deal with the excess water. Call immediately!

For Prompt Flood Damage Restoration After Storms, Federal Way Residents Can Count On SERVPRO

Even if you feel as though your Federal Way property is safe from storm flooding, you still need to be prepared. Homes outside of flood zones could take in a lot of water, leading to basement flooding or a leaking roof from storms. Even homeowners that are ready for storm fronts will need the contact information for skilled restoration professionals to handle standing water, contaminants, debris, and controlled demolition. This is where SERVPRO comes in with our years of experience and trusted name in the business for water removal services and more!

When you contact us for flood damage and restoration in Federal Way, we have a Green Fleet of vehicles filled with all the equipment we need for extraction, drying, moisture control, and sanitizing.

Is odor control an issue after storm flooding?

Standing water or moisture in your home can cause mold and mildew growth. However, there could also be foul odors that come from contaminants found within the floodwater itself. We use EPA-registered biocides, antimicrobials, and HEPA-filter air scrubbers to help with odor control efforts. There is also a broad range of advanced equipment and deodorization units we use to handle floodwater malodors.

  • Ultra-low volume foggers (ULV) work to tackle flood-related odors
  • Foggers work by dispersing tiny deodorant particles from water-based or solvent agents
  • Once dispersed, the particles form a bond with odorous particles on various surfaces

Containment barriers are a must with any water restoration project, but especially those with category 2 or 3 water. This may include negative air chambers, plastic sheeting, or drop cloths. 

There is nothing like the results you get when contacting SERVPRO of Federal Way for flood damage restoration after recent storms. Call us at (253) 838-8999, and we can come out for an assessment.

Why Should Des Moines Property Owners Call for Professional Mold Remediation?

11/21/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing by a window Finding mold in your home is certainly a reason to call the professionals. Contact SERVPRO to assess the situation and help you.

Restoring Your Des Moines Home is Faster and More Efficient with SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

Once you start noticing excessive moisture in an area or musty odors, you could develop black mold. You must check areas under your kitchen sink, around piping in your basement, or in your bathroom to ensure no mold colonization is going on. Never try to douse mold spores with spray cleaner or wipe them because it could make things worse. SERVPRO helps set you up with a mold inspection to determine the level of the issue; then, we can handle the entire remediation process for you. This is the best way to ensure you do what you can to keep your living environment healthy and clean for yourself, your family, and your pets.

Something to remember is that professional mold remediation in Des Moines should get done sooner than later. Mold can cause health effects, and the mold and excessive moisture wreak on your building materials and belongings.

Why Hire SERVPRO’s Mold Services?

To bring your interior back to a safe and livable condition, you want to have cleaning, sanitizing, and black mold damage repairs. Microscopic mold spores travel and spread quickly once they get disturbed. Rather than causing further contamination when trying DIY cleaning, SERVPRO brings these critical principles to each project:

  • Following safety and health protocols – The team addresses the root cause of the mold growth and concentrates on how it impacts your interior.
  • Documentation of every part of the process – We constantly keep meticulous records of mold remediation projects.
  • Controlling mold at the source – This usually involves negative air chambers, plastic sheeting, and other containment methods to keep spores from spreading.
  • Carefully working on mold clean up – We use various tools and techniques to stop mold in its tracks, including damp wiping, vacuums, and HEPA filtration.

Call SERVPRO of Federal Way at (253) 838-8999, and we can send a crew out for mold remediation service.

How Essential Is Cleaning During Fire and Smoke Restoration in Des Moines Properties?

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

a house on fire with smoke billowing from the windows Residual damage after a fire can affect floors, walls and ceilings in your home. Contact SERVPRO to put together a plan for you today.

SERVPRO Inspects Damaged Properties to Establish the Areas and Level of Cleaning Needed

Fire destroys several materials in a home by exposing them to high temperatures and corrosive residues that readily spread throughout your Des Moines property propelled by smoke movements. One crucial step in restoring the home to its preloss state is cleaning all the affected areas thoroughly.  

Cleaning as part of a fire and smoke restoration in Des Moines homes requires different approaches, unlike ordinary house soiling. First, you need strong cleaning agents capable of breaking down wet or oily soot residues. Physical power is also necessary to loosen the bonds residues have with different materials. Finally, finishing is also necessary, and it can range from polishing surfaces to deodorization. SERVPRO provides well-equipped teams with the resources to address each category of problems, thus restoring preloss conditions at your property

Successful cleaning also requires the right level of preparation, including:

  • Inspection to establish the level of soiling
  • Organizing the loss site
  • Organizing the equipment used for restoration

Fire residues spread widely and penetrate materials through cracks, pores, and other openings. An inspection helps establish how far the residues reach or the level of penetration in materials. Our fire restoration IICRC-certified technicians use various techniques to perform such inspections, including running cleaning sponges on surfaces to check the accumulation of residues.

Other essential factors established during an inspection include:

  • The type of surface
  • The age of the materials
  • How hot the fire was
  • Presence of moisture

Having the right information about these factors makes it easier to handle the restoration. For instance, if the fire affects older materials or is scorching, cleaning residues from the surfaces is challenging. Heat and age make materials more porous while moisture sets residues, thus making cleaning more challenging. 

SERVPRO of Federal Way handles cleaning and deodorization professionally during fire and smoke restoration. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Addressing Simple Factors That Mess up Fire Damage Cleanup in Federal Way Business Premises

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

a phone on fire on a table When fire damage affects your business, everything stops. Contact SERVPRO for effective fire damage cleanup including trained technicians.

SERVPRO Focuses on the Burnt Materials and Moisture Levels to Help Expedite the Cleaning Process

Cleaning up your Federal Way business premises after a fire incident is necessary to clear debris and residues or restore discolored surfaces. Fire damage cleanup is generally difficult. However, some factors can mess up with your plans, complicating the process even further. 

The two main things that influence fire damage cleanup in Federal Way business premises are the materials burnt and the level of moisture at the loss site. SERVPRO classifies materials broadly as natural or synthetic when determining their effects on the cleaning process. Typical synthetic materials include plastics and rubber. Unlike natural materials, synthetic materials leave wet and smeary residues that require significant cleaning effort, especially through dry cleaning methods.  

Removing wet smoke residues from synthetic materials requires:

  • Use of industrial cleaning agents
  • Striping off surfaces and refinishing them
  • Use of specialized cleaning methods such as soda blasting

Moisture can originate from different sources at a fire loss site. In a commercial setting, an automatic fire suppression system such as a sprinkler system can release a significant volume of water, leaving vast property sections wet from the ceiling, walls to the floor. Moisture sets soot residues making it difficult to clean them. The combination of heat, moisture, and smoke residues also causes yellowing of vast surfaces. 

Establishing various moisture control measures at the fire-damaged property helps improve the cleaning process. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians set up dehumidifiers on arrival to minimize humidity levels. We also extract any pooling water minimizing moisture interaction with smoke residues. Eliminating moisture also allows the use of faster dry cleaning methods such as vacuuming.

SERVPRO of Federal Way takes care of any challenges that impede fire damage cleanup, thus restoring preloss conditions faster. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Essentials for Faster Completion of Water Removal From Federal Way Homes

10/24/2021 (Permalink)

puddles of water on the floor of a living room Quick action needs to be taken after water damage has affected your home. Team up with SERVPRO to mitigate the situation. We are here 24/7.

SERVPRO Takes Care of Major and Minor Issues That Influence the Speed of Water Removal

One of the troubling things after water intrusions in Federal Way homes is the time removal takes. A faster turnaround is desirable since you can resume your daily routines in good time.

Getting a faster turnaround during water removal from your Federal Way home may be harder to accomplish than you expect for various reasons. For instance, some of the spilled water is absorbed by structural materials and contents so mopping it off is not possible. The spilled water may also spread over vast sections of the floors in your home. SERVPRO can help hasten the removal.

Some of the useful approaches in expediting water removal include:

  • Use of extractors with high vacuum-lift capacity
  • Regulating heat within the property
  • Increasing airflow within the property

Various water extraction equipment, including dry wet vacs, can be used to remove the intruding water from your home. Our SERVPRO technicians choose devices with high vacuum-lift to ensure faster extraction of pooling water. Such equipment also helps extract most of the water trapped within porous materials such as carpets.

After dealing with the surface water, the objective shifts to soaked materials. Evaporation is the main solution at this stage. Increasing heat levels and airflow are the two crucial actions to facilitate faster water removal at this stage. Heat allows air to hold more water and therefore increases the evaporation from wet materials. Increasing airflow ensures that the air inside the house does not become too humid. 

Various approaches help sustain heat and airflow, including:

  • Redirecting warm dehumidifier exhaust back into the house
  • Using several air mover units in wet areas
  • Using portable heaters

SERVPRO of Federal Way has the resources to complete water removal in good time, taking care of any loss, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (253) 838-8999.

Why Is Moisture Monitoring Crucial During Storm Damage Cleanup in Des Moines Homes?

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

a tree that has fallen onto a house Excess moisture can affect both the contents and structure of your home. Call SERVPRO right after the event to tackle the storm damage cleanup.

SERVPRO Monitors Moisture for Better Planning and Prevention of Secondary Damages

Cleaning up a storm-damaged property involves the removal of various materials including soils, and deteriorated structural materials. Water removal is also part of the process. Proper moisture management is essential for maximum efficiency, especially if different sections of your Des Moines property are affected.

Moisture management is essential at every stage of storm damage cleanup in Des Moines properties, although the goals of such effort may vary. When the property is still inundated with water, keeping the indoor relative humidity levels below 60% is one of the crucial moisture management steps since it forestalls issues such as mold development which can complicate the cleaning process. SERVPRO technicians help manage moisture by setting up dehumidifiers in strategic sections of the property.

Other initial moisture management processes include:

  • Extraction of pooling water
  • Drying wet structural materials
  • Establishing containment around unaffected areas
  • Pack outs to minimize exposure for contents

When performing these processes, constant monitoring is essential to ensure the desired outcome is realized. Monitoring may not be as simple as it sounds since changes in moisture levels are not readily discernible, unlike other processes such as removing mud or silt from surfaces.

Some of the strategies our SERVPRO teams use for accurate monitoring include:

  • Using the same equipment to take readings at different times
  • Using both penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meters
  • Marking surfaces with colored dots based on saturation levels

SERVPRO of Federal Way goes the extra mile when carrying out storm damage cleanup, making it “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (253) 838-8999.

What Steps Are Essential After Unexpected Flood Damage in Federal Way Homes?

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room Flood damage can quickly turn into a mold infestation. Tackle the situation and prevent mold with a quick call to SERVPRO. Our technicians are ready.

SERVPRO Takes Steps to Contain Damage Before Embarking on Flood Restoration Processes

Although it is common for flooding incidents to cause significant damages, sometimes the damage may exceed expectations. For instance, heavy rain alone may not be expected to breach a property without a significant accumulation of groundwater. However, driving rain during a storm can force water inside your Federal Way home through an improperly sealed window or a compromised roof. 

Apart from happening unexpectedly, some forms of flood damage in Federal Way properties may seem less harmful. For instance, the accumulation of rainwater may not seem as hazardous as the contaminated groundwater that flooding is usually associated with. However, the risk is still significant. One of the steps that SERVPRO takes on arrival at your property is probing the dangers an incident poses to your property and your family.

Some of the risks you might fail to notice:

  • Microbial development leading to mold infestations
  • Physical hazards from slick surfaces of falling objects 
  • Electrical hazards

SERVPRO begins combating the damage by establishing various containment measures. For instance, setting up a roof tarp prevents further ingression of water through the roof. Boarding up windows or other wall openings is also helpful. 

It is essential to combat flood damage immediately after containment through:

  • Rapid water removal
  • Expedited removal of saturated materials
  • Application of antifungal products

For rapid water removal, our SERVPRO technicians rely on extraction equipment and their building skills to perform controlled demolition. For instance, before attempting removal of water trapped in wall cavities, we make flood cuts to remove drywall panels blocking access. On ceilings, we drill small weep holes to release trapped water, preventing ceiling tiles from collapsing. 

SERVPRO of Federal Way can help you manage any type of flood damage. Call us at (253) 838-8999 for assistance. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Unique Advantages Do Water Restoration Companies Offer Federal Way Businesses?

9/26/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded storage building with boxes floating through the water When your business has water damage, time is of the essence. Call our SERVPRO team right away for effective water removal and restoration services.

SERVPRO Has Highly Trained and Fully Equipped Water Restoration Technicians

Any type of water intrusion has the potential to drive you out of business if improperly handled. At the very least, it leaves floor surfaces at your Federal Way premises slick, increasing the hazard of slip and fall accidents for your staff or customers. Water is also detrimental to many of the materials causing rust, mold, rot, and other problems.

Having the appropriate gear is one of the crucial aspects of managing water intrusions. Water restoration companies ensure Federal Way business owners have easy access to any needed resources, whether it is moisture detection devices, extraction equipment, specialized drying equipment, and general safety equipment. SERVPRO production trucks are packed with everything from wet floor signs, portable extractors, dehumidifiers to moisture sensors and meters.

Sufficient knowledge is also essential since it helps ensure:

  • Appropriate equipment matching to tasks 
  • Better estimation of timelines
  • Appropriate use of equipment preventing damages or accidents

Matching equipment to tasks applies because of the physical differences of the materials affected by the water intrusion. One such difference is the porosity which might influence the choice of drying equipment. To the ordinary person, any dehumidifier may seem appropriate for a task. However, advanced training ensures SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians choose differently. For instance, when drying hardwood, we opt for desiccant dehumidifiers since the equipment matches the low evaporation of such materials.

Knowing how best to operate the equipment for maximum efficiency is also essential since it can cut down the timelines or help save more items. Our SERVPRO technicians can set up containment such as plastic sheets over wooden floors to increase dehumidification efficiency. We also vent hot, dry air from dehumidifiers into the contained area boosting the drying process further.

SERVPRO of Federal Way is one of the premier water restoration companies that provide tailored moisture management solutions. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Should Soot Be Handled During Fire Restoration in Federal Way Properties?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged ceiling Soot can get everywhere during a fire. Team SERVPRO can help with fire damage remediation services after an event. Call right away for best results.

SERVPRO Combines Preventive and Corrective Steps to Deal with Soot during House Fire Clean Up

One of the main residues left after a fire burns materials is soot. Although collectively known as soot, these residues can have varying physical properties and thus present various challenges to the fire restoration process. A professional restoration team can help address such challenges.

Clean up is the main fire restoration method your Federal Way property requires to eliminate soot. However, you must choose the appropriate cleaning methods to remove the residues without harming contents or structural materials. SERVPRO has resourceful technicians who are well-versed with several cleaning techniques suitable for soot removal in its different states. We also understand the effects of soot on different materials and thus can take protective steps before we complete removal.

The soot removal method may vary depending on whether the overall goal is:

  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Smoke remediation
  • House fire clean up

Typically, mechanical agitation using feather dusters, vacuums, brushes, or compressed air provides the easiest way to dislodge dry soot from most surfaces. For surfaces caked with thick or wet layers of soot, the light approach may not suffice. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians use chemical sponges, dusting cloths, or cleaning towels. Incorporating cleaning agents also helps improve the outcome.

Apart from choosing a removal method, proper handling of the residue is also crucial. Naturally, soot is acidic and thus corrodes or stains metals and stone surfaces. It is also fine, which means it can easily spread when disturbed. Our SERVPRO technicians help manage these detrimental aspects of soot for your benefit. 

Common steps that help improve handling include:

  • Pre-cleaning soot-covered surfaces
  • Applying a thin oil film to vulnerable material
  • Managing moisture on sooty surfaces to prevent residues from setting

SERVPRO of Federal Way has sufficient experience to handle critical or minor fire restoration processes. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

When Does Minor Water Damage In Federal Way Homes Require Professional Help?

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

a woman on the phone holding a bucket to catch water falling from her ceiling Water damage can escalate if not attended to in a timely manner. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 to take your emergency call. Contact us right away.

SERVPRO Helps Identify Any Challenges that Might Complicate Water Damage Repairs

Accidents involving water happen all the time in homes. Most of them are minor and readily taken care of with mops and rugs. However, some cases of water intrusion in your Federal Way home that you might consider minor may present more challenges than you can handle.

The water damage in your Federal Way home may be more significant than you realize, especially if leakage develops in a concealed area such as the ceiling or wall space. The water you notice accumulating on the floor or the deterioration you notice on materials may be just a fraction of the real damage concealed out of sight. Involving a professional like SERVPRO ensures identification of the true extent of the damage and the correct repairs are made.

Professional assistance may be necessary for water cleanup may be necessary in case of:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roof from storms

SERVPRO takes various steps to resolve the problems that develop. In case of a problem with the roof, our technicians can install a roof tarp to offer protection until full repairs can be done. The tarp prevents further water intrusion into the house, yet it does not cost the same as full repairs.

Once water leaks into a property, it readily spreads across surfaces affecting contents and structural materials. The water also evaporates into the air, increasing humidity levels. Uniformly drying everything can be a challenge. Our SERVPRO technicians set up several air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected areas to manage the drying process.

SERVPRO of Federal Way has significant experience addressing water damage incidents. Call us at (253) 838-8999. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.